Functions decorated with [[cpp11::register]] in files ending in .cc, .cpp, .h or .hpp will be wrapped in generated code and registered to be called from R.

cpp_register(path = ".", quiet = FALSE)



The path to the package root directory


If TRUE suppresses output from this function


The paths to the generated R and C++ source files (in that order).


In order to use cpp_register() the cli, decor, desc, glue, tibble and vctrs packages must also be installed.


# create a minimal package dir <- tempfile() dir.create(dir) writeLines("Package: testPkg", file.path(dir, "DESCRIPTION")) writeLines("useDynLib(testPkg, .registration = TRUE)", file.path(dir, "NAMESPACE")) # create a C++ file with a decorated function dir.create(file.path(dir, "src")) writeLines("[[cpp11::register]] int one() { return 1; }", file.path(dir, "src", "one.cpp")) # register the functions in the package cpp_register(dir)
#> 1 functions decorated with [[cpp11::register]]
#> generated file cpp11.R
#> generated file cpp11.cpp
# Files generated by registration file.exists(file.path(dir, "R", "cpp11.R"))
#> [1] TRUE
file.exists(file.path(dir, "src", "cpp11.cpp"))
#> [1] TRUE
# cleanup unlink(dir, recursive = TRUE)